Certificates of Regularity 
Chancery Track USA issues a Certificate of Regularity at the conclusion of the foreclosure case upon entry of Final Judgment.

Our services include a full and detailed review of all documents, including but not limited to the Complaint, Notice of Lis Pendens, Amendments, Notices to State, Default Packages and Final Judgment packages.

Our Guarantee: All submitted motions and filings are reviewed and returned within 1 business day or the review is Free.

Chancery Abstracts 
This begins with a detailed and careful review of the entire foreclosure file. All pleadings are reviewed and abstracted by qualified personnel. Copies of all relevant pleadings are included with your Abstract. All documents reviewed are notated with any errors or irregularities.     

Final Foreclosure Review 
On completion of the Chancery Abstract, you can add a Final Foreclosure review. We will review the provided title documents to determine if there are any inconsistencies or issues that you should be aware of before issuing title insurance.      

Our Guarantee: If we fail to review, compile and return a completed Chancery Abstract within 3 business days of submission, the review is Free. (Does not apply to archived files.)

Corporate Search
Chancery Track USA offers a wide range of Certified Corporate Search Reports. We specialize in providing these reports to title agencies, law firms and lenders. 

Corporate Status Reports certified by Chancery Track USA provide information on the status of a registered business in the State of New Jersey and ALL other States. Additional information includes registered agent, as well as other associated names.  

Franchise Tax Search
Under the Corporation Business Act, all domestic and foreign corporations are required to pay a franchise tax for the privilege of having a corporate charter or conducting business in the state of New Jersey. This report ensures there are no liens against the corporation for not paying these taxes.  

Good Standing Certificate Short Form for Corp/LP    
Good Standing Certificate Long Form for Corp/LP     
Good Standing Certificate Short Form for LLC/LLP    
Good Standing Certificate Long Form for LLC/LLP     
Good Standing Certificates verify the legal status of business entities operating in New Jersey. The certificates, which are certified by the State of New Jersey, prove if a corporation is authorized to conduct business. These reports can be ordered on Corporations, LLCs and LLPs. They can be delivered in either short or long form.

Certified UCC Search                            
Certified UCC Search with copies     
This report will provide a certification showing all effective financing statements filed in the office of the New Jersey State Treasurer for a named debtor and copies of the original documents are provided, (if ordered).

Pending/Open Litigation Search       
This report includes a search of the public records of both the US District Court of New Jersey, for any pending litigation, and the Superior Court of New Jersey for all cases. Cases where the name searched matches either the plaintiff or defendant in the case are included in the report.

For additional information regarding our Corporate Search Reports, please contact us.