Corporate Search, Chancery Abstracts & Certificates of Regularity

Chancery Track USA employs a team of hardworking, dedicated, legal professionals providing foreclosure case review to law firms, attorneys and title companies throughout New Jersey.

In an ongoing effort to provide the best possible, consistent reviews, Chancery Track USA provides our clients with the highest quality legal services available. Our clients confidently rely on our foreclosure expertise throughout the review process, as well as our Chancery Abstracts, Certificate of Regularity service and our Corporate searches on a daily basis.

Staying on top of your foreclosure cases isn’t always easy and having some assistance can be helpful. Keeping apprised of time sensitive, accurate information is extremely important for all of your cases.

Chancery Track USA will assist you in staying current with all of your cases and compliant with the rules of court.


Customer service, by definition, is about serving people.

Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customers.

Customer service is an opportunity to exceed our customer’s expectations.

What has remained consistent since our first day is the dedication to outstanding customer service and the values on which Chancery Track USA was built: trust, security, integrity, quality, respect and customer commitment.

We’re proud to be collaborators, problem solvers and risk-takers. No business challenge is too big, and no customer request too small. Talk to our people — and experience firsthand their passion, curiosity and excitement about the work they get to do every single day.