Serena Paul 

Managing Member 

Phone: 561.703.3393

Serena graduated from the University of Toronto in 1988 and holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Sociology.

With over 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing and leadership from various Fortune 500 companies including; GE Capital, Hitachi Credit, TransAmerica and Freightliner, Serena has gathered a team of industry professionals with the experience and knowledge to tackle all aspects of the legal and foreclosure services marketplace. Relentless in the high standards she sets, Serena ensures that client expectations are met and exceeded every day. 


Chancery Track USA employs a team of hardworking, dedicated, legal professionals providing foreclosure case review to law firms, attorneys and title companies throughout New Jersey. Clients confidently rely on the highest quality legal services and expertise provided by Chancery Track USA throughout the review process.

We pride ourselves on the fast service we provide for Corporate Searches which are returned within one or two hours of ordering.